UIP law & consult Investment Don’t miss your chance today. Future

Don’t miss your chance today. Future

But only in territory. Up to 150 million people live there, although some give real figures of about 90 million. It is customary for this country to exaggerate all indicators, including the territory. If you look and count the territory in Google maps, you will be surprised, the territory is not as big as it seems.

The global situation and economic development trends cause many problems for investors from abroad. This is due to the difficulties surrounding the military operations in Ukraine and the problems associated with the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

The population also needs high-quality imported goods, and the economies of other countries need goods produced.

It seems that the developing crisis is playing into the hands of investors who are now planning to scale their business and are active. This is due to the fact that businessmen, administrative staff and executors (employees) in such conditions become more accommodating and may agree to less acceptable partnership or labor conditions.

Of course, for effective investment, it is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of legal and accounting registration, obtain the correct documents for the legal stay of foreigners, obtain the necessary licenses and, if necessary, pass accreditation in state bodies.

Our company can provide you with a full service in these areas.

However, we strongly recommend that you consider other countries for investment, for example, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Zambia, Nigeria, where we can also help you, while in these countries there is no threat to your business in the future, and markets are developing more actively .

Don’t miss your chance today.

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  1. Great. Today I’ll think about it. And if there’s a good chance you probably will be interested. Now Russia has reduced the tax and many want to obtain citizenship of Ukraine, and then Russia. And it’s interesting.

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