Don’t miss your chance today

The current situation in the world economic situation brings many problems for investors from abroad in the economy of the Russian Federation. This is due to difficulties around the hostilities in Ukraine and the problems associated with the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. However, the population of Russia needs quality imported goods, and the economies of other countries in need of goods produced in Russia. In fact, the current crisis plays into the hands of investors who plan to scale your business to Russia, businessmen and workers in the conditions of crisis becomes more compliant and can go on less acceptable terms.

Of course, for effective investment is necessary to ensure the purity of legal and accounting support, to obtain the correct documents for the legal stay of foreigners on the territory of the Russian Federation, to issue the necessary licenses and receive accreditation in the state bodies.

Our company can provide You full service in these areas. Don’t miss your chance today.

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  1. Great. Today I’ll think about it. And if there’s a good chance you probably will be interested. Now Russia has reduced the tax and many want to obtain citizenship of Ukraine, and then Russia. And it’s interesting.

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