The United States will again deport Russians despite the danger of their mobilization

The Biden administration has resumed the deportation of Russians. This is a clear reversal of the position taken after the Russian invasion of Ukraine just over a year ago, when such deportations were suspended.

Deportation, also known as removal, is the process of expelling a person who is not a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States from the country. The US government has the authority to deport individuals for various reasons, including immigration violations, criminal offenses, and national security concerns.

In general, the decision to deport an individual is made by immigration officials and is subject to review by immigration judges. Deportation can be a complex and lengthy process, involving multiple hearings and appeals.

It is important to note that deportation policies and practices can be controversial and subject to debate. Critics of deportation argue that it can be cruel and inhumane, particularly when individuals are deported to countries where they may face danger or persecution.

A young Russian who came to the US to escape war mobilization in Ukraine was abruptly deported over the weekend from the US back to Russia. He was among several asylum seekers from Russia. Many of them moved to the US last year and are now afraid that the US government will return them to Russia. There they may face prison or an ambulance to the front line.

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