UIP law & consult Services for business Services for foreign business in the Russian Federation

Services for foreign business in the Russian Federation

Services for foreign business:

  • Business invitation.
  • Identification code.
  • Company registration.
  • Registration of a trademark.
  • Buying a company.
  • Work permit.
  • Registration of a temporary residence permit for 3 years.
  • Registration of immigration permit, permanent residence permit, citizenship.
  • Marriage and immigration permission.
  • Registration of investments and a permanent residence permit.
  • Submission of a visa application form and advice on obtaining visas.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Registration.
  • Commercial real estate purchase.
  • Buying residential property.
  • Real estate rental and solving problems with landlords.
  • Buying goods for export.
  • Certification of imported products.
  • Licenses and permissions.
  • Accounting services and tax accounting.
  • VAT refund.
  • Antitrust and regulation.
  • Protection from the actions of the financial police, prosecutors and tax.
  • Economic disputes with manufacturers, suppliers, logistics companies and other counterparties to transactions.
  • Business process safety – consultations on the organization of a security service.
  • Minimization of theft opportunities at the enterprise and investigation of shortages.
  • Analysis of the wound and conclusion on the volume of the wound.
  • Maintenance of turnkey business projects.
  • Translation of documents.
  • Continuous call center support in English.

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