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Russians stopped issuing US visas

Russians stopped issuing US visas:

How to get a US visa through second citizenship


On August 31, 2018, the Consul General of the Russian Federation in Houston A. Pisarev announced the “actual cessation” of the issuance of US visas to Russians, including humanitarian cases. This message reinforced the fear of “the passport of the Russian Federation is equal to the refusal of a US visa.” Can I get a US visa in an alternative way?

Do Russians issue US visas?


According to statistics published by the US State Department, the share of refusals to Russians in guest visas for 2017 was 11.61%. Data for 2018 has not yet been published, but the political relations between the Russian Federation and the United States suggest that the refusal rate will increase. This trend makes you wonder how many Russians will be banned from entering America in 10 years – 80%?

How to avoid denial of a US visa?


A radical solution to the problem of entry of Russians into the United States was to obtain a second citizenship of the EU countries. So, for citizens of Cyprus, the probability of refusal of a US visa is only 1.69%. At the same time, the percentage of refusals of visas to Cypriots by the US State Department decreases every year – if in 2013 the issuance of a visa was banned by 4% of citizens of Cyprus, then in 2016 this figure decreased by 2% and amounted to 2.03%.

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