UIP is composed of professional Agency in support of immigration processes.

This Agency prepares the procedures for obtaining temporary and permanent residence permits on the grounds of the employment of foreigners, registration of family relations with the citizens and other possible options. In addition, the immigration Agency accompanies the procedure for obtaining citizenship.

In addition, the immigration agency accompanies the procedure for obtaining citizenship.

We help even in unusual situations.

Our experience in migration matters is more than 10 years.

Our company has offices in other countries of the CIS and far abroad, so you can contact our company.

Services and their cost:


  • Immigration Attorney Consultation
  • Registration of residence permit (residence permit) – from 2.900 rubles
  • Registration of RVP (temporary residence permit) – from 2.900 rubles
  • Registration of the Patent for work – from 4,400 rubles
  • Accompanying the Compatriots Relocation Program – from 24.000 rubles
  • Getting the status of the language carrier – from 24.000 rubles
  • Registration of simplified citizenship under the program of resettlement of compatriots (“turnkey” to obtain a passport of a citizen) – from 24.000 rubles
  • Simplified obtaining of citizenship through the status of the carrier (“turnkey” before obtaining a passport of a citizen) – from 99.000 rubles
  • Renew registration (arrival notice) – from 4.900 rubles
  • Legal assistance in the presence of migration violations – from 1.900 rubles
  • Protection in immigration cases, incl. expulsion issues (deportation)– from 1.900 rubles

11 years of successful work in the market

  • More than 350 partners: licensed lawyers and specialists.
  • Unique partner selection system based on feedback, cooperation experience and prompt response
  • More than 40 people in the staff of the central office
  • All employees have completed a special course ” Fundamentals of Immigration consulting”
  • Active member of the World Congress of Immigration Consulting
  • More than 50 offices are open all over the world
  • The company’s seminars on immigration are regularly held in different countries



  • Individual approach to each client
  • Developing an individual immigration strategy
  • Quality assurance of services
  • Guarantee of the price level not higher than the market average
  • Guarantee of replacement of a specialist partner if necessary
  • Ability to pay for services with a bank card through the company’s website
  • Personal manager for the client
  • Visa approval rate – 80%, immigration cases-97%
  • 98% positive customer reviews
  • Write or call us to get more information about your chosen country and how to make it your second home!


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