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Feature of international legal specialization is its specificity and specified complexity, as well as extremely detached demand. From an international lawyer requires knowledge of not only national, but also international law, law of different countries or international private law as well as knowledge of foreign languages.

International legal specialization can be divided into the following subtypes:


  • international public law specialization,
  • international private law specialization,
  • international humanitarian law specialization.

Private international law includes the legal norms and principles governing relations between the state bodies, organizations and enterprises, citizens in the international sphere. It is part of civil law that deals with an international element, is the participation in civil-legal relations of foreign citizens and legal entities, or the performance of contracts of a transboundary nature. This part of law is governed by national laws of all States as well as international treaties and conventions. Specialists in this field should know civil and commercial law of foreign countries, international economic law, international patent law, international transport law (sea, air and even space), international customs law, etc. Such lawyers engaged in the areas of copyright, patent rights, performing activities, legal protection of trademarks, legal protection of computer programs.

Somewhat apart in the area of specialization is international commercial arbitration (ICAC). This area concerns legal support of foreign economic transactions, international trade law, insurance law, business law, corporate law, and securities markets, joint-stock and banking law, legal regulation of stock exchange transactions, customs law.

Our Office specializiruetsya into all of the above cases. Any cases that involve international relations are our specialty than we are different best about other law firms.

Of course, the opportunity to provide legal services at international level based on the vast experience gained by our lawyers in the sphere of national legislation in Russia and other countries brought to perfection by the knowledge of the law governing various spheres of human and social relations in international format.

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