Instructions for registration of company in Russia

If you have prepared a package of documents for the registration of an LLC.

Generate the necessary such documents

  • Application for registration of LLC (Form P11001)
  • Application for the USN
  • Receipt for payment of state duty
  • Founder’s decision
  • Power of attorney for a representative (legalized).

There are only 6 steps left to complete the registration.

Before proceeding to them, check whether you have collected all the documents and whether your data is correct in them:
  1. Application form P11001.
  2. Charter.
  3. Minutes of the Founders’ meeting or the decision of the sole founder.
  4. Establishment agreement (not required if there is only one founder).
  5. Notification of the application of the simplified taxation system, if you plan to apply this regime.
  6. A letter of guarantee from the owner of the premises (if necessary).
  7. Passports.

If the founder of the registered LLC is a foreign citizen, then a notarized translation of the passport in the Russian Federation will be additionally required.

Step 1. Pay the state fee
The state duty does not need to be paid in the following cases:

  1. When submitting documents through multifunctional centers (MFC)
  2. When submitting documents electronically. In this case, you need to have your own electronic digital signature (EDS) and use a specialized service, the website “Gosuslugi” or the Federal Tax Service.
  3. When submitting documents through a notary (if he will send the documents himself, signing his EDS).
    For payment in all other cases, use the details in the receipt that we have prepared for you.
    The easiest way to pay the state duty is to use a specialized service on the website of the Federal Tax Service – “Payment of state duty”. Commission-free. Information about the payment will be immediately sent to the GIS GMP (State Information System on State and Municipal Payments) and will be visible to the inspector of the Federal Tax Service.
    Most modern Internet banks support the function of paying government payments.
    You can also pay at any bank branch or ATMs that support the possibility of paying state duties.
    The fee can be paid on the website of Gosuslugi, while its size will decrease by 30%, although you need to first create a personal account there and go through the identity verification procedure.
    Save the payment receipt or a copy of the payment order. Information about the payment of state duty is stored in GIS GMP, and you are not required to present a receipt when submitting documents, but not all employees of the tax service know about it, sometimes it is easier to show a receipt than to argue.

Step 2. Submit the documents

There are several main ways to submit documents:

  1. Through the MFC. As a rule, this is one of the most affordable ways. Multifunctional centers exist in almost all major localities, and in some even as many as 10, (whereas the registering Federal Tax Service, as a rule, is one per region. These centers provide public services for interaction with government agencies. At the same time, they do not charge any fee for this. In addition, when submitting documents through the MFC, you do not need to pay a state fee. There is one significant disadvantage: the application for registration of LLC (P11001) will need to be notarized, even if all the founders come to the MFC, even if there is only one founder. If it is more difficult for you to notarize an application than to get to the Federal Tax Service, then it is better to immediately choose method No. 2 (see below). If you will submit documents through the MFC, then:
    l Find out where the nearest MFC is (you can search on the Internet or on the website )
    l If you want to apply in the city where you actually live, but are not registered, then call the selected MFC and find out if they will accept the documents in this case. For example, the MFC of Moscow and St. Petersburg, as a rule, refuse to accept documents from nonresident citizens.
    l Whether the MFC chosen by you will accept the notification of the application of the USN. They do not have such a duty, but many of them accept and send these applications along with other documents. If the notification is not accepted, then you will need to submit it separately after registration within 30 days, to the territorial Federal Tax Service, where your company will be registered.
    If the MFC is suitable for you to submit, then you should apply there with a prepared package of documents. After 6 days, you will need to come there again to pick up the registration documents.
  2. Personally to the Federal Tax Service. You can personally visit the tax office and submit documents there. We draw your attention to the fact that you can submit documents not to any Federal Tax Service, but only to the registration service that serves your address:
    Attention! It was not possible to correctly determine the details of the department of the Federal Tax Service!

Judging by our practice, cases have become more frequent recently when inspectors in the tax service refuse to accept documents, referring to the fact that documents need to be submitted through the MFC. Know that this requirement is not legal! They are obliged to accept your documents, they just don’t want to issue them. With any method of filing, your documents will still get into the registering Federal Tax Service, because only it has the right to put your LLC on state registration. In order not to wait in line, you can make an appointment in advance by the time on the website of “Gosuslugi”.

  1. By mail. In this case, the documents are sent by registered mail with an inventory of the attachment. However, the application will have to be notarized. It is mainly suitable only for registering remotely in another region.
  2. In electronic form. If you have your own EDS, then the documents can be sent electronically using specialized services on the website of Gosuslugi. or on the website of the Federal Tax Service. However, this method is available only for an LLC with one founder.
  3. Through a notary. In this case, he will notarize your documents and send them to the Federal Tax Service using his EDS. As a rule, this service is paid separately, as well as the assurance itself, and it may not cost cheap. Ask the price in advance from a particular notary chosen.

To submit documents, take with you:

  1. Application form P11001. In case of personal appearance of the applicant (applicants) to the registration authority, notarization of the form is not required, while all applicants must have an identity document with them. Otherwise, the application in the form P11001 must be notarized. He will stitch the documents. You do not need to do this yourself. It is necessary to have the charter and the minutes of the meeting (the Decision of the founder) with you for verification, as well as passports.
  2. The Charter in two copies (one for you, one for the Federal Tax Service). There is no need to stitch the Charter, we advise you to arrange the pages in order and fasten them with a regular paper clip, the inspector of the Federal Tax Service will divide and scan the sheets.
  3. Minutes of the Founders’ meeting or the decision of the sole founder. The minutes of the founders’ meeting must be signed by all the founders, as well as the chairman and secretary of the meeting. The decision of the sole founder is signed only by the founder. The date of signing must be earlier than the date of payment of the state fee. The protocol / solution does not need to be stitched, just fasten all the sheets laid out in order with a paper clip.
  4. An agreement on the establishment, if there are several founders. Print and sign one copy for each participant plus one for the tax office. There is no need to stitch, spread out the sheets and fasten them with a paper clip.
  5. Notification of the application of the simplified taxation system, if you plan to pay taxes on it. Print and sign 3 copies.
  6. A letter from the owner of the premises stating that he guarantees the conclusion of a lease agreement with the company in case of its registration. The tax inspectorate does not always require it, but it will in any case increase your chances of registration.
  7. Take your passports with you.
  8. An additional document for a foreigner will be a copy of the passport in his native language — necessarily with a translation into Russian. The translation must be ordered in Russia, and it must be certified by a notary office.

When to sign the application:

  1. When submitting documents to the Federal Tax Service in person, each founder, in the presence of an inspector, personally fills in page 2 of the “I” sheet with his data, entering his surname, first name, patronymic (if any) and signs them;
  2. When submitted through the MFC, a representative, by mail or through a notary, documents are signed in the presence of a notary. At the same time, all the founders with their passports must be present at the notary;
  3. When submitting electronically, sign the documents before uploading to the electronic service.
    After receiving the documents, you will be given a receipt for the receipt of the documents and one of the copies of the notification of the application of the USN with the date and signature of the tax officer.
    If the employee does not accept the notification of the application of the USN, submit it within 30 days after registration to the territorial tax service.

Step 3. Get the documents

The receipt of the documents will indicate the date of receipt — usually it is 3 working days. Based on the results of registration, the tax inspectorate sends electronic documents signed with an enhanced qualified electronic signature only to the e-mail address specified by you when filling out the documents.
At the same time, you can receive documents confirming the content of electronic documents in paper form upon special request.
If you submitted documents to the MFC, then after 6 days, pick up the registration documents there.
If through a notary, then specify whether he will issue certified copies of documents or you will receive them by email from the Federal Tax Service.
If you applied by mail, you will receive the documents to the return address.

After registering an LLC, you will receive from the Federal Tax Service:
  1. A certificate of registration with the tax authority.
  2. The entry sheet of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities in the form No. P50007.
  3. A certified copy of the charter.
  4. Some inspections immediately issue a Letter from the State Statistics Committee.
    If the Federal Tax Service did not issue you a Letter from the State Statistics Committee during registration, you can receive it in person or print it from the Rosstat website. You will need the letter to open a checking account. You can find your branch by following the link.

Step 4. Registration in funds

The Tax Inspectorate independently sends information about the registered LLC to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation (PFR) and the Social Insurance Fund (FSS). After that, a certificate of registration with the assignment of registration numbers should be sent by mail.
If the notification of registration has not come to the funds, you can contact your FIU and FSS branch personally, but this is not necessary, since you only need a registration number.

Step 5. Information about the average number of employees

By the 20th of the next month, you need to submit to the Federal Tax Service information about the average number of employees. In any LLC there is at least one employee – the head.

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