Immigration lawyer

Our company have specialization on the provision of services migration consulting in abroad, as well as international business consulting.

Our immigration lawyers helps people to find freedom of movement.

Our experts perform the complex tasks necessary to ensure the legal stay of foreigners, business organizations of foreigners.

Accumulated experience and existing network of offices and representative offices of our company can provide in the European Union (+ Albania, Moldova, Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine), North and South America (Canada, USA, Mexico), South (Pakistan, India) and Eastern Asia (China, Hong Kong, Thailand), Middle East (Israel, Jordan), Africa (Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, DP Congo, Egypt).

Our company is part of an international network with offices in various countries, which makes us stand out from other companies that provide services in the field of migration in the Russian Federation.

  • Assistance in obtaining citizenship, temporary and permanent residence of foreigners on the territory (residence permit – TRP (permit), permanent residence).
  • Obtaining work permits for foreigners.
  • Applying for a work visa.

We provide all possible services in the field of migration:

  • WORK

UiP it is a global network of consulting, visa and immigration companies with a wide range of services and expertise, covering more than 80 countries.
Perhaps you have thought about how to move to another country? You may even have already chosen a country and are planning further actions. Or maybe you are still afraid of the upcoming difficulties, and you do not dare to try…

We believe that dreams should be realized!

This is why we help each client to go this way from the very first steps to full adaptation in a new country. During this time, we have accumulated a wealth of experience that helps our clients to make their move comfortable and easy.

Our trusted migration lawyers who will help you collect and process all the necessary documents. And also find out which migration program is most suitable for you?

Visa and residence permit processing

we will not only tell you what documents you need to collect, but also tell you all the nuances that will help you in obtaining official documents or permission to stay in the country


in the databases of our partners all over Russia, thousands of vacancies are collected, and they are constantly updated. You do not need to have a specialty in the IT field or be a narrowly specialized specialist to find a well-paid job. If necessary, our partners will help you get settled even in the first week of your life in the country, so that you can immediately start earning a living.

Education abroad

We perfectly understand the desire of young people and their parents to study at a foreign university, the diploma of which is highly valued in any country. Therefore, we cooperate with many European and American universities and will help you with admission to your chosen educational institution.

Buying and renting real estate

Since this is the first question that arises when moving, we pay special attention to it. We will help you find accommodation immediately after arriving in a new country, our partners will make sure that the price corresponds to reality, the documents are issued correctly and the apartment or house is in a good location

Business migration

For those who want to open foreign branches, transfer their company abroad or open foreign accounts to facilitate foreign exchange transactions, we also have favorable offers. Our auditors and accountants will accompany you at all stages and help you create your business in Russia.

Political asylum

Contrary to the name, we are talking not only about persecution because of political views, but also about victims of nationalism, sexism, homophobia, intolerance to faith and other unpleasant manifestations of society. This also includes administrative pressure from the authorities and the lack of protection from law enforcement agencies. Therefore, if you have reason to fear for your life, our licensed lawyers will give you the necessary advice and help you with the paperwork for emigration to a safe country where you will not be in danger.

Childbirth and treatment in foreign clinics

Medicine is needed both in pleasant cases (the birth of a child), and in sad cases, when treatment is required. In any case, it should be highly qualified specialists who are not afraid to trust their health. We understand how difficult this time is, so we lead our clients literally “by the hand”, helping to understand all the subtleties of the medical system and creating comfort around the patient so that he does not have to face unnecessary stressful factors.

Social adaptation

The first months after emigrating to a new country are always stressful. You need to have time to simultaneously do everything that is normally distributed over a long time – find a job and housing, get insurance, arrange for children to go to kindergarten or school, rent a car, and much more. Add to this the fact that everything happens in unfamiliar conditions, where the rules of the game are not clear. We will accompany you after the move until you fully adapt and feel confident in your new place.

This is not a complete list of what we do. After all, what we do is called “turnkey emigration”. It includes many stages, each of which will be performed at a high professional level. We will guide you from making the decision to emigrate abroad and choosing a country, to your full social adaptation there.

Why should you contact us?

Thanks to more extensive experience, we have formed a highly qualified team that allows us to provide our clients with professional, comprehensive services necessary to effectively solve a wide range of visa issues.

In our work, we rely on classic management consulting tools and innovative digital technologies. The business model of our company is based on a flexible approach to the development of immigration strategies based on the individual capabilities and needs of each client.

Daily strengthening our position in the international market, we continue to expand our partner network and the list of immigration programs that may be of interest to our clients. We are proud of our reputation and appreciate the work of each of our employees and partners. That is why we are trusted and the best people work with us.

By contacting the official website for support, your application will be automatically distributed to the manager, who, after talking to you, will be able to direct you to a specialized specialist in the field that interests you.

  • 11 years of successful work in the market
  • More than 350 partners: licensed lawyers and specialists in Russia.
  • Unique partner selection system based on feedback, cooperation experience and prompt response
  • More than 40 people in the staff of the central office in Moscow
  • All employees have completed a special course ” Fundamentals of Immigration consulting”
  • Active member of the World Congress of Immigration Consulting
  • More than 50 offices are open all over the world
  • The company’s seminars on immigration are regularly held in different countries


  • Individual approach to each client
  • Developing an individual immigration strategy
  • Quality assurance of services
  • Guarantee of the price level not higher than the market average
  • Guarantee of replacement of a specialist partner if necessary
  • Ability to pay for services with a bank card through the company’s website
  • Personal manager for the client
  • Visa approval rate – 80%, immigration cases-97%
  • 98% positive customer reviews
  • Write or call us to get more information about your chosen country and how to make it your second home!

Our company specializes in providing migration consulting services in the Russian Federation and abroad, as well as international business consulting.

Our immigration attorneys and lawyers help people gain freedom of movement in Russia and other countries of the world, urgently leave Russia, and relocate their business to more acceptable countries.

UiP specialists perform complex tasks of formalizing and ensuring the legal stay of Russian citizens on the territory of other countries, organizing business of Russians abroad.

The experience accumulated over the years of practice and the existing network of representative offices of our company makes it possible to provide services not only in Russia, but also in other countries:

  • European Union (Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal),
  • Other European countries (Ukraine, Albania, Moldova),
  • North and South America (Canada, USA, Mexico),
  • South Asia (Pakistan, India),
  • East Asia (China, Thailand),
  • Middle East (Israel, Iran, Iraq),
  • Africa (Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt),
  • CIS (Kazakhstan, Belarus).


  • Making a business invitation.
  • Accompanying the procedure for obtaining a visa at consular offices in various countries.
  • Obtaining a work permit for a foreigner.
  • Assistance in obtaining a second citizenship, temporary and permanent registration (TRP, residence permit, permanent residence).
  • Selection and acquisition of real estate for business and life.
  • Comprehensive support for foreign students.

Sincerely, –

team of international lawyers

UiP law & consult

+7 (930) 337-05-31 (WhatsApp)


12 thoughts on “Immigration lawyer”

  1. Hello, I have a 3 year multientry visa to Moscow for myself, my wife and four children ages 9, 10, 11 and 14. I am searching for help to obtain temporary resident visa once I arrive in Moscow. Can you help?

  2. I am from the Philippines and I have been working here in Moscow for 11 years now and I wonder If its possible for me to get a russian citizenship. And how long will it take

  3. Hi I would like to discuss about my immigration matter.i want to make an appointment with a immigration Solicitor

  4. I am from nigeria and I am here in Moscow now and I wonder If its possible for me to get a russian TRP. And how long will it take?

    1. Good afternoon. You can drive to our office. And we will prepare all the necessary documents for you.

    1. Foreign citizens and stateless persons who have reached the age of eighteen years and possessing legal capacity are entitled to apply for admission to the citizenship of the Russian Federation in a general manner, provided that the said citizens and persons:
      a) live on the territory of the Russian Federation from the day they receive a residence permit and until the day they file applications for admission to the citizenship of the Russian Federation for five years continuously, except as provided for in part two of this article. The period of residence on the territory of the Russian Federation is considered continuous if the person left the Russian Federation for no more than three months within one year. The period of residence in the Russian Federation for persons who arrived in the Russian Federation before July 1, 2002 and who do not have a residence permit is calculated from the date of registration at the place of residence;
      b) undertake to comply with the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the legislation of the Russian Federation;
      c) have a legitimate source of livelihood;
      d) applied to the competent authority of a foreign state with a declaration of renunciation of their other citizenship. Refusal of another citizenship is not required if it is provided for by an international treaty of the Russian Federation or this Federal Law, or if the renunciation of another citizenship is impossible due to reasons beyond the control of a person;
      e) speak Russian; the procedure for determining the level of knowledge of the Russian language is established by the regulation on the procedure for considering questions of citizenship of the Russian Federation.

      There is also a simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship.

      To analyze your situation and to give you a preliminary consultation.
      You can contact our company for advice. Write to

  5. Hello UIP – I am a US citizen living/working in Yuzhno Sakhalinsk. I have permanent residency status here in Russia. I normally spend 40% of the year in Thailand and am planning to depart Russia 01 Dec. for Phuket. I will apply for a new Thai work permit/visa and would like to hire a law firm or agent to manage the visa application process for me at the Thai embassy/consulate in Moscow. My company in Phuket is ready to provide all documentation required. Is this something you can do? Are you familiar with the Thai embassy? Thank you.

  6. Dear sir
    good morning

    i am egyptian and i have russian wife , and we are planing to come to russia to finish all my documents and get as soon as fastest residence visa , please if you can help text men on my what’s app +201000066059


  7. For Funds paid for processing visa to Russia, what’s the guarantee that the visa will be out as we’ve been scammed by some other agency after making payments.

    1. Hello. Firstly, lawyers cannot give guarantees on decisions of government bodies, in particular on the issuance of visas, if this is not corruption. Giving bribes is illegal. This means that you claim that you wanted to carry out the transaction with the help of some company, but this company deceived you. Yes, this is possible, since they are very likely to be scammers, or you did not understand their offer correctly. Secondly, the decision to grant a visa will depend on several factors that depend on you personally, your level of preparedness and how you behave during the interview. Thirdly, before applying for a visa, you need to decide on the strategy and reasons for obtaining a visa. For advice, you can contact our company. Write to

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