The company “United International Partners” provides legal assistance to foreigners and foreign businesses around the world in:

  • immigration law,
  • acquiring and setting up a business,
  • registration of transactions with real estate and other assets,
  • resolving international family and inheritance disputes,
  • defense in international criminal proceedings.
As part of legal consulting for business, the following services are provided:


  • Registration of legal entities (joint stock companies, limited liability companies, private enterprises, public organizations and foundations, etc.).
  • Registration of individual entrepreneurs.
  • Amendments to the statutory (constituent) documents.
  • Registration with the tax office and funds,
  • A set of measures for corporate restructuring,
  • Registration of securities (shares, bills, bonds).
  • Sale of businesses, including companies with VAT and licenses.
  • Preliminary sale of business, search for buyers and investors.

Obtaining a license to carry out operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals of all types of construction work, wholesale and retail trade in medicines, medical practice products), permits (mining, to start high-risk work, construction work, to open retail outlets, etc.).

Intellectual property: copyright, trademarks and utility models.

Legal support for individual industries:

  • agribusiness,
  • building,
  • recyclables (scrap metal, plastic, etc.),
  • IT technologies,
  • natural resources (gas, oil, mineral, water and forest resources).

Legal assistance to business entities (development of regulatory documents in the company, setting up contract work, development of employment contracts with employees, etc.). Legal analysis, drafting and coordination of commercial and legal transactions. Asset protection measures. Accompanying inspections of regulatory and tax authorities.

Accompanying services:

  • International tax planning
  • International taxation
  • Export Import